Getting Away.

We went up to the Property a couple weeks ago.

It is so nice up there. Relaxing.

We call her Whiskey Tango.

The kids collect pine cones.

And Morgan likes to play football up there.

And I can always fit in time for a little photo shoot !!!

And always eat sandwiches  when we go up there.

And then we headed to the Lake and took out the Whiskey Tango.

It was crazy up there. The butterflies I guess are in mating season and there was thousands of them.

Morgans first fishing venture.

And then my adventurous girl wanted to try something adventurous. She scares me.

And we ended the day. It was a fun day. I love being with my husband and kids away from life and work.

Until Next Time.




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One response to “Getting Away.

  1. Sam

    It’s nice to just get away! I need a getaway soon lol!!!

    Love all of these pictures!

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