Dont Let Comarison Steal Your Joy

Well its Tuesday.

It felt like yesterday I didnt get much done.

 After long weekends it feels like it takes me a good day to get back into the mode.

 I was working on trying to get my Ipad synced with my computer so I could use it as a tablet. Hours went by and it was just frustrating. It felt like much of my day was spent getting nothing done. I hate that.

I like to feel productive.

I have a couple blogs I read religiously.

 Sometimes I go surfing and feel like how do these women do it all ??

 scrapbook clean organize and much more. then I feel like I get into a slump. I use to scrapbook alot but with Morgan it has been hard. I think life just takes over and it is like clean house much be first priority or i feel bad. 

I think in my  mind I had read the quote ” Dont let comparison steal your Joy”. Well I feel that way !!!!

Perfection not that I try to be that, but I try my best to have a clean house. get things done and feel like I have accomplished something.

It is wierd but I feel like when I take off to go and visit with family it is super hard because I am like I need to be getting this and that done back at home.

And I shouldnt feel that way.

But You can change how your mind works ?

I feel like lately I have had just some mind sucking things going on in my life. That I just cant get a hold of.

I hate that.  I like a conclusion to everthing going on.

I think alot. I am a thinker. My dad is alot like this. It stinks. Literally.

So snapping back to yesterday. After much frustration I headed outside in the afternoon. And Morgan and I fed the chickens, dogs and watered my garden.

Came back into the small yard and hung out. I took a whole bunch of randomness of summer. And Morgan. It was nice.

I like to take pictures. I like to hold my camera. And I love to document this life.

And I do think about that often when I am doing project life. Documenting this life. Whatever it may be. The ups downs smile laughter tears emotions places journeys words life evolution peace us together.

I think that is what I get so caught up on.

We were driving to my sisters house and something made me think about my uncle he is still alive. He is a schizophrenic. He took care of my grandma until she passed away years ago. But he would make this wine. That if you drank it. Ooh my goodness lets just say the next day you would be in the bathroom all day long. but it was good times. My family would get together at my grandmas and visit laugh. I love them all. They are good people. But it just made me say to my husband. I miss her. I miss those times in my life. I wish I could have them back.

When really in my heart it was like why didnt I cherish them when I did ?

I always do that I never take in the moment. Because I am so damn uptight.

I hate that about me.

And I do that with my own family.

I am always never cherishing the moment I am in.

Because I am so worried about making it perfect something being said. My husband being irritated. Worried about something.

Be more happy in the moment Nicole Prather. Dont let Comparison Steal Your Joy.

And this ends my rant for now. I am cutting myself off.

I am off to work on some stuff.

And if you are reading this… Well maybe little bit of crazyness just made you feel just a little bit better that you are not alone on this journey.

Until Next Time.





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One response to “Dont Let Comarison Steal Your Joy

  1. I prob was bugging you yesterday sorry :( just get so excited and you are the only one that relates to it all the scrapbooking, i get lost and it seems you always have the answers on it. :)
    I hear you on the cleaning the house i let it go and then am like you know what people and there wants cant freaking wait my house needs some love! i think you are doing a great job at it all! I look at you like you are doing so well with project life! your family and keeping up with your blog! keep up the good work mama and dont be so hard on yourself! you deserve an A+! xo

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