Memorial Day.

We were so low key this Memorial Day.

My husband was on call so we didnt do anthing fun.

My mother in law took my old kids to a picnic thing for the church.

And me and Morgan dropped them off and went to Ellis Lake to feed the ducks.

Morgan was scared of them. They are quit scary when you have bread in your hand.

But we walked around the whole lake it was nice. She is growing up so fast.

And I got to take some pictures it was nice.

We then headed to the park.

Her favorite place. She could be there everyday.

This was the first time for this park.

It has the biggest slide EVER !!! And she loved it.

She is a daredevil at heart.

She makes me laugh.

And makes me happy.

Then we went to Taco Bell.

Then went to Toys R Us.

Then to the Dollar Tree.

Then headed home.

I actually took a bath at 330 in the afternoon.

I know. Whats up with that ??

Then it was time to pick up the kids.

And then we headed to Dog Meeting.

And then the day ended.

I was pooped !!!!

But  it was nice.

( And 1 more day of school !!!! )

Until Next Time.



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