State Fashion Revue.

Back in April Natalie had won the 19.99 state challenge. So that meant she would attend the State Fashion Revue.

So we traveled to Davis on Saturday for her to compete.

It was nice we went down met up with my sisters and my mom was with us.

We got down there early around 800

The day was long we just basically visited with eachother most of the day because Natalie was in judging or something.

Around 1130 she was done.

So we had lunch and visited with my aunt.

The Fashion Show was at 2:00.

Natalie ended up getting blue which is really good. The judges were super hard.

She was happy and so tired.

But It was a nice fun day.

And I always chalk it up to a learning expierence.

One day she will look back and think wow that was super cool.

But for now she is 12 and not easily excitable.

I am proud of her. She is always the winner to me.

(Side note: 2 more days of school.) Cant believe it how time has gone by. !!!

Until next time.




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