Well the Prathers are loving the game of tennis.

On Mothers Day was our first tennis day and we decided to go back this Sunday. We were short a racket so I went and bought one.

I call her the Hornet.

Natalie got a hold of my racket and I dont know if she is going to give it back.

It is nice to be outside with my family and getting some exercise. And it is free. The best thing of all.

We stay for a couple hours. We laugh and it is fun.

Nat gets all serious about the game. She is a competitor for sure. Against her dad. We played teams. Actually Wyatt is pretty good too.

And Morgan just walks around and plays with whatever.

We will be there again probably on Sunday. Trying to perfect the game.

Then we headed to the grocery store bought a tri tip and went home !!!

That was the best dinner and my husband is the best cook. TriTip roasted corn on the cob and some dutch crust bread.

It was divine.

Well I am off to do some laundry and work on whatever. !!!!

Until next time.



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  1. Sam

    Love it! Looks like a lot of fun! We should come play with you guys Hal would love that and Lils can Rome around with mo mo :) xo & you look great mama! Get you one of those cute tennis skirts!!! :)

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