26 Months.

Big Mo,

That is what we call you around here. I love you more than words can say.

You are full of life and energy I am like how can you have so much energy ??

You are the baby. Thank goodness. You are into everything and understand everything I am saying. Hard headed comes to mind when I look at this picture. But on the other end sweet as can be. And when you are sweet it just makes your honryness fade quickly away.

You love your daddy and your bubby. But as you are maturing you want me more.

I would say you spend 99 percent of your life naked. Nat did too so I don’t mind.

And you are one picky little eater. Milk is what you love and meat. But we are working very hard on breaking that bad habit.

You are so tough. And when you fall you dont even cry you just get right back up.

You love the chickens and the dogs.

And your laugh makes all my worries fade away. It is contagious and your smile. Well it is heavenly.

I watch you growing up and it makes me sad inside becuase I look at old blog posts and pictures and wonder how can 2 years of this life flown by ??

But I want you to know. You are so loved.

And special.

love your mommy



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2 responses to “26 Months.

  1. ErinMarron

    Sooooo sweet!

  2. Sam

    Ohhhhhh soooo stinking cute!!!! How do they grow up so fast :( I’m in a depression this week over Lils being two almost :( whhhhaaaaa

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