A List.

A couple weeks ago my oldest daughter went to this purity conference.

I never went or was ever involved in church until I was out of the house.

So last week I was putting stuff away and found this note inside her binder from the conference. So when she got home I has said to her is this your stuff ?? she said yes.

I said what is this list she then looked at me. silent.

I said is this a list of the qualities of what kind of man you will look for when you are old enough?

she then gave me this look.

she would kill me if she knew I was posting this but I want to put this out to the world. that as parents unfortunately if we dont talk to our children or guide them into the right direction their peers will. so sending her to this I was hesitant but happy because growing up my mother never talked one ounce about anything.

my parents divorced when I was 5.

i wouldnt wish for them to be ever back together they are like oil and water.

but sometimes growing up it was hard. i have a good dad but he was living his own life.

i think when i married brandon i was so scared because raising children i didnt have any clue i was young myself. (21). what is was going to be like ? or how we would raise her. what right what wrong ?

but i knew beyond anything that they would know jesus.

love him.

and i will no matter what stick to that.

we try to give our kids the most stable home life. that is what i believe is the number one thing. a lot of love. support. encouragement. guidance.

and much more.

and after that well it is in gods hands.

so far so good. i think.

getting back to the list.

i think the first one sticks to my heart. so simple .


because when i met my husband thats what was in my heart. he was the most sweetest man i had ever met.

and those are qualities of my husband.

and i know one day after she has gone to school and lived her life she will meet someone that will make her happy.

and i will show her this list and remind her. to never ever faulter from what you want.

she is growing up to be this young beatiful smart caring girl.

it is the hardest on me because how could 12 years go by so fast ??

i only have 6 more years until she will go off to be her own person.


but i have faith. and i am faithful.

until next time.





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