My Mothers Day.

Well a couple weeks ago Wyatt had a baseball game in the next town which is only like 5 minutes away.

When we were there they have this awesome park there with tennis courts.

So the last couple weeks since then Wyatt has been begging us to take him to play tennis.

 So we woke up on Mothers Day and decided to go play tennis for the first time in my 35 years.

So we headed up there and thank goodness no one was there it was just us. I love that.

Forgive the Iphone shots. I forgot my camera.

As you can see My husband like usual harrassing my oldest daughter. They are so much alike it is crazy. Natalie is like super serious. And my husband like to irritate.

It was so much fun ! I havent laughed like that it has been a while.

We shall do it again soon. We need to buy one more raquet then we can all play together.

Then we got some Mc Donalds. And  headed home.

My kids made me these beautiful cards.

As they get older I really ponder on what they write to me.

Natalie is straight from the heart. She is really “stingy” with her love. So when she writes stuff to me I cherish it very much.

And my son well he is just sweet lover boy.

And then we headed to my in-laws.

And I got this shot of Mo trying to swim at 2 years old. She is just a go getter. My spit fire !!! I love her.

And on a side note.

When we were eating our lunch. I was just sitting there thinking as I usually do.

And said to Brandon, ” You know what I am the most thankful for my life?” He said “What?”

I said to him without trying to cry. ” That my kids are healthy and they are not sickly.”

And that is trully what is in my heart lately. I may not have the perfect life but as long as my kids are healthy we got alot.

Being a mother is the most hardest job. But the most rewarding of my life..

And i am thankful for my three little loves.

Until next time



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