( And the caption to this photo: I said to my husband , “Who do you think the best player on the team is ?” He said , ” #7″

So I looked around like a dorkfish  and then realized it was Wyatt !!! )

I have been the worst blogger ever.

I take tons of pictures all the time. So I have to have something to blog about right !!

Just really not in the mood I guess. Lately been stressed to the max with everything. I would say my number one stress in money. My car the money sucker from haites.

We spent over 1000.00 last week to supposedly get this car fixed just to drive it home and eight hours later find out it wasnt completely fixed. Good lord. How can a car suck the life out of you?? I dont know. But it was financially strained us.

But I just chug along like usual. I try to keep my mind on the positive but it has been so hard. Project life and other projects are good for me.

And of course watching my son play ball. OOh my goodness. Do I love to watch him. I get so into it. I try to be quiet but it is hard. if you know me !!!

I am going to try my best to be a better blogger.


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