week in the life monday.

So I have embarked on the Ali Edwards adventure of documenting my families life for one week.

I tried this a couple years ago and petered out it was hard.

But I am bound and determined to do this.

So Monday is done and in the books.

And I am thankful. As I was sitting here writing in the log I just came to thoughts of it is hard to remember how I felt for that day. But I am sitting here really thinking about it and it like a daily journal.

And I became present in the moments that I loose  because of our busy life.

I feel like I am doing the knock off version. I didnt use a template for the front just plain and simple.

Thank goodness for my Iphone I take alot of pictures with that little thing.




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5 responses to “week in the life monday.

  1. Julie MacManus

    what a great way to document it. I love how you have included the daily sheets and the divided page protectors – you are making it look doable
    congrats on a great start :>

  2. Love it! I thought i was just going to do project life but you inspired me to try this out too :) not sure if im doing it right and monday i didnt do very good but oh well maybe ill get better as I go along :) its fun and really makes me see every sec of our life! I am excited I got monday and tues done as we speak just need to send it in to be printed now on to wed then Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz :) thank you for the inspiration :) xoxo

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