Project Life Week 14

Well here we are at week 14. The week gets busy and flies by. I like to feel like I am caught up on Project Life. It makes me feel like I am getting things accomplished. This week was a little bit more because of Easter. So added another page to it just dedicated to Easter. I am a simple person. So I keep it real simple. Actually whatever the mood hits is how I document this thing. I did this on Friday so I journaled alot more on each photo. Added Ali Edward stamps and found all these free fonts from this Amazing Chic !! I downloaded a tons from her and she has these cool doodles. I love all of them.

Here is the added page from Becky Higgins. I think is design G. I am not sure though.

Every week I try something. I try. So this week I was doing overlays. I just open a new document. 4×6 300 resolution. And bring my picture on top of that lower the opacity. And addd some journaling. I love how this date turned out. I think I get lazy and has sat down when I did all these. And just did them all in photoshop and then ordred from Walgreens.

This was the other side of my add on. And in the mix I always try to add on Instagram to the mix.

I hope you got some help. I love doing this and everyone does it different I love looking at other blogs and getting ideas. There is so many.




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