Smores Altered.

I love baking.

Not so good for my waist line.

Ooh well.

My kids gobble these things us.

It is my altered version of smores.


Step One.

What you will need :

3tbls of butter.

10 oz. marshmallows.

2 packages of graham crackers. I buy generic but the real ones are the best.

Hersheys chocolate. As much as you need.

These are alot like making rice krispie treats.

Step One. Melt butter in Pan.

Step Two. Add  Marshmallows. Mix all together until all marshmallows are melted.

Step Three : Add Graham Crackers.

I like to crush mine in a large baggie. As big as you like as small as you like whatever you prefer. And then I put them into Pan.

Step Four : Combine them all together. In pan off of the heat. Mix well.

I like to butter my pan before I put them in there. It is up to you.

And then is should look like this.

Then I add my chocolate. As much as you like. I had bought the little ones. There was 12. 045oz bars and I used nine of them. So probably like 3 of the regular size bars.

I like to chop them up and then add to the top.

My husband like his melted. So he puts them into the broiler for a minute or two. I think they are good just left alone. They melt on their own.

And this is what is should look like.

They are delicious.



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