I always dread my birthday.

I hate numbers.

And especially 35.

Ooh Good Lord it sounds super old. Half of Seventy.

And I am like where has 35 years of my life gone too.

Raising babies and being married.

The two best jobs I have in this world.

But this morning I woke up to Biscuits Gravy Bacon and Potatoes. And cards from my kids.

Wyatt he is just my sweet boy !!! He made me this card and it reads,

“I love you the most of my family because you take care of me and you protect me from dad when he wants to whip me and you let me buy whatever I want and I wouldnt have the life I wouldnt wish for anyone else in my life if It  couldnt be you.”

I was crying like a baby he was crying. My son he is a true mamas boy for sure.

I love all my kids but he is the most like me.

That card made all this day of anxiety just go away.

And I am thankful.

For everyday.

For everyone in my life.

That loves me.

For who I am.



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  1. the cutest sweetest Prather boy!!!! OH my goodness and look at the drawings! I love how he drew the pic you have up in your house this is def something to cherish FOREVER! Wyatt you stole everyones hearts who read this post! Happy Birthday Nicole! xoxo

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