life’s nuggets.

As always I am posting about my childrens !!

Wyatt had his first practice on Friday night. He was nervous. I get nervous for him.

These are my lifes nuggets.

They are what matters to me the most. These little moments that make up our little life.

They are my highlights.

I have spent the last two weeks working on thier books and have done alot of soul searching about a lot of things.

I think it is because on Friday I will be 35 and that is a big one  for me.

I have spent the last week crying when a song comes on, on the radio I am like BOOOH HOOOOO !! I am a big baby. I came home from Lowes on Saturday I was listening to this country song.

Dont know why ??

Refecting on a lot of things in my life and especially the last years of my life.

How much I have changed my marriage my kids.

And realizing how time really flies and what is important to me?

So one thing on my heart for the last couple months is deleting my facebook. Getting rid of the excess in my life that distracts me. I have felt like that was a big distraction. So on Saturday I deleted it. It was a big deal for me because my business is tied into it. And so on. But in my head I really dont care any more. I want a different direction for a lot of things. And I am ok with that. Because in the end it is my life.

What will be for me will happen ??

But I feel like I have forgotten what is important. And that makes me sad in my heart.  I dont like that feeling.

Sorry for the Debbie Downer.

But on the highlight this weekend I found this awesome FREE template from Cathy Z  !! Love it .

And here is the Instagram page from last week I did I saved it then made a 6×12 for Project Life.


Its already printed out and in my book.  I think I might do both !! Who knows. ??

And dont forget to enjoy your lifes little nuggets !!!



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  1. LOVE your blog post these days nicolie :) and your insta LOVE I INSTANTLY LOVE IT hahaha!!!! and i agree FB is life sucker! YOU GO GIRL! maybe one day ill get the courage to delete mine! I love it for my fam and gram esp though ;/ maybe a clean up :) xoxo

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