a toe suck.

I have never ever heard of a toe suck a day in my life until I met my husband and his family.

And you will never be the same until you get your toe sucked when you loose a bet.

Last week Wyatt was reading The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (an old tale).

Well he was talking about Where someone lived in the book. I then said, “It was the Hundred Acre Woods”.

And he said, ” No mom I think it was at Owls House.”

I then said, “It is all the Hundred Acre Woods.”

He told me, ” No its not Mom.”

I told him, ” I will bet you a toe suck.”

He started laughing so hard.

He went and Got the book. And as you can see it is not all the Hundred Acre Woods.

I was totally wrong.
He got out his toe and I sucked that big one !

The look on his face Priceless.

And then like usual he had to run into Natalies room and told her the whole story.

And they were both laughing  !!!!

The moral never ever bet a toe suck unless you are 100 percent sure you are right !!!!




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  1. hilarious!!! and super cute post! love it!

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