setting goals.

I think that my blog just flips around all the time. Just like my head.

It is dedicated to my children foremost. Leaving them a legacy of memories from their mother.

On that note. When I was going through all the stuff of pictures and ordering them putting them into books I came across this picture.

So some it is a hat but to me it is a symbol of dedication. Setting this in my eyes very high goals because I an adult I look at the big picture. I remember growing up thinking one day I will have a hat full of pins and  I will have that All Star. Well I came really close but never made it. I always looked up to those people in my eyes nothing stopped them they had to do alot to make it happen.

Well Natalie I never told her those words because I dont want to put pressure on her about it. Because those were my dreams not hers. But in the last year she is like mom I am going to get my silver then I am going to start working on my Gold. In my heart I was like Yes !!!!! Proud Mama !! Proud of her in so many ways she between all three of them causes me the least problems. She is just an easy going smart girl. Good Grades and just happy.

Since the time she was born just herself.

I admire her courage. She is the most bravest girl I know. Not afraid of hard work.

And I dont know if I did that. Because when people tell me how good my kids are I h0nestly say Its because Of my Husband they are like this. And in my heart I really believe that.

So I will and do everything in my power to make all these goals and dreams come true. No far I have to drive. Or how much time it takes. Because I live for those moments of  “Proudness” that only a mother can feel of her own childrens dreams happening.

I love her I tell her everyday. I let her know how hard it is to be me.

Being a mother is the hardest most rewarding job I will ever have. I take my job very seriously it comes before anything. And everything.

Because I can never get it back I cant get a redo on this journey of my life. So with that I give it my all. My kids know me and love me with the purest love.

That is my greatest happiness. Love with no stipulations. !!!


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  1. prob one of my Fav post you have done! I love Natalie! I love all your kids! Id say nat is one of a kind, and I remember meeting her at 3 years old hoping id have a daughter just as cute, she was walking a little lamb on David lane wearing a white hat :) YOU & Brandon have raised a fine young BEAUTIFUL lady!

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