So really didnt know what I was going to do with Blogging. I knew eventually I would print it out every year but after that i wasnt sure. So since I have been working on my childrens book the last week I was thinking that I need to get all these letters into the books. So I decided I would   make it happen. And am happy that I at least took the time and blogged and left these memories for them. I often run across blogs like last night that this mother has a terminal illness and she is leaving this blog for her only daughter. I was crying lying in bed thinking. How precious time is. Basically all the letters my mother ever wrote me were not so good. Usually after I would get in big trouble she would write out these directions of what I was going to do. Or when I left the house when I was 18. Not so good. Lets not get on a tanget Nicole Prather. So here it is :


I had ordered the 6×12 page protectors for this book. And I love love them. Because I love 5×7 for the phots I love. And I knew I would either matte the pictures and add a title or write a letter. But because alot of these pictures I had wrote in my blog I had them saved so I just went back by kind of referencing the dates. It was pretty easy.



So this is another example of the 6×12.  I am not very good at directions but  I thought I would throw it out to someone to help them with photoshop. It is pretty easy.

And then with the other stuff I bought I had decided with limited time I would just alter my scrapbooking ideas  !!! So like this is the example from Morgans Birthday I had printed them out and then put them into the page protectors from Becky Higgins. You can order her stuff on Amazon and get free shipping but you have to wait a couple more days for it. These originally I think are for Project Life but I am using them for the book and love them. I went and ordered more stuff !!! love it all.


Hope this is helpful. I love working on this stuff. I feel really accomplished because my mind is getting old and I am like when did that happen. So got to get it done !! I ordered my albums for them also. They are adorable !!! These ones !!! The kids picked out the colors they wanted. They are a little more pricy but they are forever. I have all black ones for my scrapbooks I have done through out the years and they are nice !!!!

Enjoy !


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  1. LOVE IT !!!! and the binders! I am doing the blog thing too i found very similar on pinterest under someones project life board. i think its wonderful! my book and stuff should come today! So excited!

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