my nelly.

(taken from my iphone)
4-H is a big part of our lifes. I love it.I think there are so many elements to it. To some it might me just animals but there is so much more. Public speaking, communicating, community outreach, learning about animals, setting goals, achievements. One thing is Presentations and Nat is a goal setter. That is one thing I am very proud of her about that she wants to achieve the most highest and not afraid of the work. So that was our fist year going to Regionals and it was a big deal you must get Gold or Blue to go here and she did get Gold. So we went to Willows just me and her on Saturday for her to do her presentation. We drove up there. There is alot of people and she was the last one in her group to do her presentation. She did so good. I thought she did the best (but I am her mama). So when it was time they called her name and she got blue. Which is still really good. She wanted that Gold So BAD !!! She came walking back to me with tears in her eyes. I felt so bad for her. So we sat there to hear the rest and then she was like I want to go. So we get in the car. And she just starts crying so bad. I didnt really know what to do . My Nelly is always calm and collected she is more level headed than my own self. I was in shock really thinking How am I going to handle this ??? We had expirenced this with Fair last year and I had some words about it all. But times are changing for Me !! I hope. So I just sat there and I had remember from last year this lady that is a teacher from Brittan was there and had told me , ” My kids learned more from not winning than they ever did when they won because it is easy to be a winner but you learn so much more about yourself when you loose” And I told her those same exact words. I carry them in my heart not just about winning but alot about disappointements in my life. And she just looked at me probably more shocked because I am not always wise with my words !! I just said Did you try your best ? She said Yes I said Then that is all that matters !! And to me it does it is that at least she went out and tried Where was the other 90 percent that never showed up !!! I am proud of you Always Nat !!!!

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  1. i cried reading this :( that is sad for her feelings. But great words from mama! Nat I cant wait for fair this year I really enjoy seeing all you do! xoxo And you are always a winner! Agree that just being involved and doing all the events, that is more than a winner my dear! & hey who got reserved champion before? ummm you! & thats pretty AMAZING!

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