looking back.

One of my goals is to get Morgans book caught up. I have felt to bad because I have like two pages done in her scrapbook.

I had photos inside the pages so I thought in my head I want to scrapbook it but in the reality I dont have the time. So I have opted to do both.

So I am doing a hybrid book Of scrapbooking pages and pictures.

I actually love it because it is way faster and instead of scraping stuff that is really not that important. You actually get the heart of what is important.

I am a person that is always lookig at time. Time flying away. And just I dont have enough of it.

I want my kids to have memories because that is why I take photographs to remember the past.

I am a documentarian of our family. That is on the top of my list.

I love Blogs like Ali Edwards and Becky Higgins !! They inspire me to do this.

And I love it .I will never regeret one minute I am doing this.

So I have been ordering pictures like crazy. I like digital more than anything but You can just get really lazy on oredering pictures. There are hundreds that just sit in there and have never been printed.

( this first page is basically I took a 12×12 page cut it down to fit the 2 5×7’s sewed the top and the middle. )

( I had bought Becky Higgins 12×6 protectors) They are super adorable. I think I am going to do all my 5×7 like this add journaling with a picture.

 This is my easy scrapbooking. Just add some cardstock to the back and we are done.

Becky Higgins makes these awesome folders you put in the back and the odd stuff just put in there. Super Cute. I think you get four of them.

 And I bought these awesome tabs. They are like dividers.

(Excuse all the last pictures of my book they were taken on my iphone really quick and they are not edited !!!!)

Hope this inspires you !!!!!!




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2 responses to “looking back.

  1. ErinMarron

    Totally inspiring! You will have to teach me how to do this when I get some babies ;)

  2. TOTALLY inspired! I love your style! Good job mama! I am in the mood today to at least get going more on project life that is my goal this week :)

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