you are 2 !!!

To You My Mo,

Happy Birthday My Crazy Girl. There hasnt been a day in the last two years that you have not kept me on my toes. You make me laugh like no other. You have a smile that lights up my world. And you are the most beautiful little girl (other than when Nat was a baby ) I will ever know. All you ever want is to play and run around crazy in this house. Chasing Oliver around makes you laugh !! You are smart and definetly the most head strong girl I will ever know. You play my heart. And you know how to do it well. You love Bubbles and being outside. You have spent the last year of you life 90 percent naked. And you like it like that. We call it your birthday suit !!! You love pictures. And can look through all the books everyday always picking out your Daddy !!! You are a daddys girl. You love him. You sit down in his chair at night and he rocks you to sleep. It is sweet. You love your Bubbies. And Natalie well you have a hard relationship with her . You like to drive her crazy and do a good job at that !!!! You have completed our life and thank goodness you were that last born…I couldnt handle another one of you !!! Your daddys calls you “nicki j” meaning Nicole Junior. And your Grandma always tells me she is not even half as crazy as you were growing up. Thank God for that. I am thankful everyday for you. And last night as I was holding you I told you the story of the day you were born. You dont know what none of it meant. But thats ok …I love you Morgan…Love Your Mommy


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  1. ErinMarron

    So sweet!
    I love her like she’s my own

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