Wednesday Randomness……

1. As always where is the time flying off too ?? living our life.

2. Morgans birthday party was on Sunday (thank goodness that is over).

3. Busy week. Meetings. Photoshoots.

4. I  am a work in progress.

5. I am as hard on myself as I am any other person that is in my world.

6. I get my feelings hurt very easily. Which is reality doesnt make any sense because I am as raw as they come.

7. Shrug it off. Thats what I have to learn to do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.comments. life. As I am too.

8. I thought you learned alot in your twenty but I feel like I have learned so much more in my thirties it is unreal.

9. I struggle with anxiety.

10. I struggle with balance. I always know what is the most important but it is sometimes hard.

11. I try to be it all. No matter if I am the person that reaps it.

12. I am a person that believes that you are what you say. Try not to be something you are not to impress others.

13. I love Jesus. And he is always on my mind. It is sometimes hard to live in a world of people who are non believers who confess they follow him and do the complete opposite.

14. I love my family more than life their happiness is what makes my heart happy.

15. Keeping my house clean and my chores done makes my heart happy.

16. Watching my kids grow up it is the most bittersweet thing I will ever watch and live.

17. I am thankful for my husband though many times he can drive me to insanity. He will always be the most loyal caring devoted person I know.

18. I am a difficult person. I know that and all whom love me know that. I dont know if I will every change But I work on that everyday.

19. I am a private person. Very few knows what really is in my heart and I love it that way. I guess to me that is vonerability.

20. I capture my childrens life with photos and words. And if the business side of this ended tomorrow I wouldbt be sad. Because it was where I was meant to be.

21.  I believe no matter what ever happens in our lifes bad sad good indifferent it always happens for a reason that maybe at that time we couldnt see but maybe months or years down the road we will find the answers.


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