Project Life.

I have been happy I have been staying up on Project Life.

Staying up on it is sometimes hard but in the end I know it will be all worth it.

There are so many different ways that people do it, it trully amazes me sometimes I wish I did it like I did a couple years ago with realy photos and the sleeves but for this year how busy I am this is the easiest.

I love pictures everything about them. How they look how they make you feel and how they can bring back an emotion that you had thought left.

My kids on the other hand sometimes avoid me like the plague. I know once they grow up they will appreciate it. After this week I am going full boar into a project for all three of my kids I have collected so much stuff papers pictures .

I am going to make albums for all three of them. Sports and 4-h big ones in our life.  I want them to have all that stuff.

I am excited about that.

Here is the link to Becky Higgins and all her amazing stuff ideas and whatever she does it all…She really keeps my motivated !!!

I think that is about it..for now…

I am on brain overload for Morgans Birthday Party !!!



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  1. I love this format the best! I think its easier than the reg scrapbooking for project life cuz then it just looks thrown together this breaks it down more. My cousin Amberly is doing the orig way she is all into it but with the digital its super easy i think. you could still add elements or even cut them out and put them in the slots. I bought the digital set its fun!
    & love the haircut! & we did playdoe too did you do the jello kind?

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