Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday.

I was baptized a Catholic and never really went to church but when I got around 18 is when I started the adventure that forever has changed me. I started attending a Christian Church and Jesus Christ has never left my heart.

Though my kids have only seen what a Christian Church is like it was in my heart to take Natalie to Catholic Church last Wednesday and show her how others faith are. If you have ever been to Catholic Church it is to traditional and always packed. That day was like no other. Hundreds of people waiting to recieve the ash.

Natalie was like what is going on.  And we stood because it was so packed. But we listened and held eachothers hand.

And I want her to see it all. To realize what we believe may not be what she believes and that is my heart is totally fine. Because in the end it is her life. I will guide her and help her in this adventure but she will ultimately make her own desisions in life.

And that is where slowly I am growing up because I live in a control freak nature.

And where Jesus has helped me alot with that. I am always in a learning/student process.

And on this day I felt moved by something I coulndt describe.

And so I decided by Catholic nature that I would give up drinking only water for fourty days. and of course eating but giving up milk and juice and any other liquid other than water.

And it has been so hard. Harder than I could ever imagine.

Right now this is my favorite song.

He’s living on the inside.

And roaring like a lion.

I love those lines. They resignate to my soul.

Until next time.


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  1. I LOVE THIS SONG TOO! I love the first part his voice oh so lovely :) and then that part My Gods not dead hes surely alive living on the inside roaring like a lion hal & I get loud in the car on that part lol Lil is like what is going on!

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