22 on tuesday.

1. As always I dread alot of things and then they turn out to be not so bad. This weekend Brandon and I went and got a new car. Its basically his car . His commuter car for work. We went to CarMax and it was a great expierience.

2. My kids bring me the greatest joy.

3. My husband brings me the greatest love.

4. I have been working really hard on myself dealing with life, people, and even Brandon said the other night. i can really see the change in you. that made me feel good.

5. I love the sun. I need more of it. Its makes me happy.

6. Getting burned out on the computer. Same ole Same ole.

7. My sugar is going to be 2 next month. I just cant believe it. And I am going to be 35. I just cant believe that either.

8. Everyday is a different day. Take and roll with the punches.

9. Been praying like crazy.

10. Been keeping up with my house. Laundry dishes and wierd super deep cleaning. Little by little.

11. I always look back at things and say why would i dread that or why did i get so stressed out about that. i do that alot.

12. I am not worrying about others dramas,life, what they say, because i realized that to each their own.

13. Never give up. When life sails you in a different direction you just go.

14. Time heals all. Time takes away alot of things. And the mind is a powerful thing.

15. Yellow is my favorite thing. And pictures make me happy.

16. Your dreams are Your dreams and no others. Be who God intended you to be.

17. My heart stays soft about many things in life I felt were hardened.

18. My greatest weakness in life : Worrying

19. My greatest strenth: laughter and love

20. My greatest fear: That this life is passing me by and often wonder how 35 years of my life has happened.

21. Thankful for forginess and all that that intails.

22. My greatest happiness: When all my baby birds are in the nest. ( thats what I say all the time when my kids are gone is I cant wait until all my baby birds are back in my nest.)



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  1. ErinMarron

    nice ride :)

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