Shady Creek

Nat left for Shady Creek this morning. I have been all crazy the last week just thinking about it. To many thoughts they get my head in a anxiety ridden bubble. I try my best to think positive thoughts. As i was packing yesterday for her I just began thinking about her going away to college. She is a dreamer and wants to see the world. Me I am not. I am happy at home. But i must embrace it. She is all about adventure and her Nan is like that too !!!

Her dog didnt know really what was going on ? I told him dont worry Oli shes coming back thank god you got Wyatt and Me. !!! And her dad gave her some advice before leaving. Not my words but hey whatever works.

1. Dont be a smartass.

2. Use that thing on top of your head.

3. Listen.

4. Have fun.

Dont know about some of them. But all in all his intentions are good.

She was so excited. She couldnt stand it she went to bed early. Which never really happens. And I didnt really give her a lecture about everything like i usually do. Because in my head I trust her. I am scared for her. But I know she is in good hands. And that was just peace in my heart. And she will come back a more mature person. And that is what life is about. Expieriences in life. That mature us. Make us who we are.


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  1. OOOHHH Not not Natty! You are growing up, what a proud moment mama Nicole! She will have the best time and come home with a million proud stories to share with you! FUN FUN! & I love Brandons words lol!!!! All the Prathers are smart A$$$$es for sure hahahahah!

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