a story

This is usually the craziness of our life. Yes I let my kids right bikes in my house. I let them do alot of things most parents would probably cringe at. Ooh well !!

Morgies dirty feet. She goes around this house 99 percent of the time. Naked. She wears her birthday suite well. It helps with potty training.

Morgan and all her junk she hauls around. Right now she is obsessed with sock puppets. And this doctor stethoscope.And  drawing on everything if she can.

And Nat on her ipod doing her homework. Trying to get her work done this is why is takes so long.

And then into my room to mess up my bed because they know i like it nice and tight . But thats ok.

And always my boy is the only one looking at me. My girls well they are always doing whatever. But it is them so just go with it. I love them all the same.

It actually was a nice relaxing night. Got everything done and watched some tv and looking around pinterest. And made sure everything was surely locked down because my honey buckets is gone on business and its just not the same without him to add to the chaoticness of our Prather story.



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  1. love all the pic :) Nat is getting so big! Love naked morgie and lil is a drawer too lol ALL over the play room table but hals fault she left her junk out! :) Wyatt is always so cute and sweet! Love the bed pictures too toooooo cute!!!! I think we have the same bed :)

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