She fell Right off of Me

I cant deny she fell right off of me. 22 months. wild as ever. lovable as ever. herself as ever. she is morgan. there is no on else like her. she can at time drives me to insanity. but other times i am just so in love with her. she is passionate. she is determined. she is stubborn. she is a picky eater. she like to be naked. all of the time. she is fast to be potty trained. she loves outside. she loves playdoe. she loves her daddy. she is so in love with him. it makes me happy. she is in love with elmo. she can watch sesame street millions of times a day. that is the only thing she watches. she loves the people she loves and no others. she is not quick to new people. she is a hugger. lover of babies. loves animals. loves to torture oliverbuckets. she loves to talk on the phone. she loves to make  messes. she is the last born prather child. and no matter what she does or how much she makes me crazy. she was meant to be in our lifes and hearts and cant imagine a day without her in our lives. i love you moey  !!!!



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2 responses to “She fell Right off of Me

  1. ErinMarron

    in love !

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