The P Word

Dont mention to P word to Morgan. She wants to go there everyday. We pass by it everyday to take the kids to school and she starts in. We walked down to the park a couple weeks ago just to get out and see the sun. It was nice. Nat of course roller skated. And Wyatt rode his bike. And Mo she was in the stroller of course. We were there for a while. There is actually two parks right next to eachother so when you get bored go the other one. !! The city pool is right there also. I cant wait for summer to come. I think Morgan might take swim lessons. Who knows ?? And the picture of her. Well thats her most of the time. She was tired and cold. I just wanted to get her picture. She like to make the pout face. She is just herself. We came home and got some money to go to the Penney Candy Store got some iccees…It was a good day.



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  1. sooo cute! Lils & hal loves the park we too went last week before school started its not fun prying them away lol! lovely pictures!

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