no title for me….

I couldnt think of a title for this post.

A bunch of randon blathering from the imfamous Nicole Prather. But these two faces are my life and two other not shown . But my love has been sick for a couple weeks. And still hasnt gotten better. And Morgan well she is going  back in to be rechecked for her ears.

I am an emotional wreck for whatever reason to be unknown. Today I picked up my Nat from school with the worst headache of her life.. I drove like a mad women to get her. She couldnt barely talk. It scared me to death. A feeling that will never go away. I had migranes growing up and I dont wish them upon my worse enemy. She got in the car I gave her Tylenol and tried to keep everyone quiet. I just sat there praying for her. As I do at night as I am listening to my husband cough up a lung. I am trully worried about him. Though I never let him know. I sit there at night praying over him to be healed. It is hard.

Because it is I believe Gods sometimes signs of Nicole Prather life is short. And we never last forever. And really quick I am humbled by my life.

As I always state I am a work in progress. Amongst everything in my life. Words and Actions have never been my strong points in life. But I will never give up the pursuit of becoming a better me. I believe in Karma. I pray so much for certain things and God never responds to me. I am like what is going on up there. And then something happens. And then I realize we are on Gods Time. Which he is to answer whenever he feels just. And then I realize that what I was really praying for was so minut to the plans he has for me. I am am thankful.

I told her random blathering.

But I love my family more than my own life.

Everyday I become more and more thankful for health because I realize in a split moment it can be gone.




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  1. Poor Brandon! I Pray for him to be well too! I know how he feels this was me for 3 weeks I slept the whole break it seemed and I would think i was better then it got worse :( ended up having bronchitis :(

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