21 months and way to late



This post is way to late.

I have been on top of Morgans pictures always but December slipped away from me. Better late never.

 All I can say is this is her. Anyone that knows her knows how she is.

Spoiled and very much loved. The baby of the Prather Family. She is headstrong and already verbal. Whitty and charming. Soft and kind at times. A face of an angel. A true daddys girl. Loves her Wyatt. Screams Mommy Mommy Mommmy in the morning to come and get her form her bed. Loves her blankets (just with the satin edging). Loves her milk with a passion. Loves Elmos world and Sesame Street. Over and over again. She loves eggs. Hates the doctors. Social butterfly. Shy to strangers. Lets you know how she is feeling and squeels with excitement. The biggest mess making kid I have ever knows. She is a charmer. A lover.



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2 responses to “21 months and way to late

  1. She is precious! and wyatts twin :) love!

  2. ErinMarron

    love her to pieces!!

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