Yesterday was really the first day Ive had in a long time to try and relax. Getting back from Christmas is hard. We had so much stuff to put away and find spots in this growing house.  I am still not completely done yet but getting there. I was taking pictures last night and it felt nice just to concentrate on my kids and noone else to worry about. As usual Nat was in hiding !!! In Wyatts room watching his new tv. And Wyatt working on his leggos. He got so many leggos that he wanted they should keep him busy for a little while. He is a leggo maniac. Morgan taking her bath. I think it lets her know its beddy bye time…She reminds me so much of Wyatt as a baby. And when I look at the pictures I thought one was him but it was Morgan with that big head !!!

Me and Brandon were sitting on the couch looking at old albums and I usually get emotional. Watching them grow up and evolve. How much they change and fast. Last year Morgan was a baby and now she is going to be 2 !! And watching Natalie grow up. She is now wanting to wear makeup. What ???? Doing her nails and other stuff. I try my best to let it be. And cope with it. And Wyatt well lately he has just been an emotional ball of Idont know what. I was telling Brandon about how we need to slow down and take it in. The last year has been a world wind of business. And concentrating on our life and family is what makes me happy.

I dont want to miss a minute of this life or them.


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  1. the best days are these days! def learn to appreciate when life goes in a different direction, you want it back to these slow normal days! Christmas was fun loved spoons :)

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