come and gone.

Christmas has come and gone.

Its like life its goes by way to fast and then you are like what the heck just happened ? The kids has a good Christmas Wyatt got a tv,Nat got her Ipod, and Morgan got lots of babies. They were all happy. It seemed like I worked so much the last couple months ( doing pictures) I didnt get much time to really soak in the holidays. Kind of sad about that. It has been a bumpy ride. I lost all my computer last week. I didnt even know what had happened. That was hard on me. But like always I am a survivor. But in the midst of all that and many other emotion dramas I am still thankful for the gifts I have my children and my marriage. Because that is true in fact my rocks of life. And the Lord. I try my best and that in the end of the day is all I can do. I take things and realize that in the end of this life it was all meant to be. Maybe somethings in life havent played out like I would of liked them. But its not over. And i never forget that. I was reading a blog that I have not followed alot lately but she is much inspiration about scrapbooking. And she was talking about the word for the year:

Mine was Cultivate. It is funny to look at my old posts because to read what I had written not knowing what life was going to be like. I laugh.   Here !!!!

And I have not picked my word for this year. I have a couple more days. But as alwasys I am a work in progress. I fail at alot of things but I get back up again. It is my nature. I never give up. I am hard on myself and my kids because I want the best and be the best I can be. Things that happen really get to me weither person business or whatever. My failings in life make me stronger but I ponder on them for a while. And I often let myself down about things I say or how I am portrayed to others. I have learned many lessons in the last couple months about my business. Associating with people or doing business with people that are not good. And leave my name in the mud. And noone confronts me about it. or says anything. And that really gets to me becaue who really knows what the truth is. But my side I would love to tell. And it is sad to me that there are people in this world that like to slander you and put you down and critisize you. Just to make themselved look better. And that leaves me sad and burdened. Because in my heart I am like what do I do ? Because my number one is my kids no matter what. And when things go south with people around me it is my first thing to realized i dont need to deal with garbage.Life is to short to deal with people who must be having a bad life that they must trash talk me and my life and marriage. There is nothing in this world that gets me going than people and their two faces. I may not be everyones cup of tea but no one does not know where I am standing. Maybe that is my biggest down fall is being truthful about people and things. I shoudl just keep them to myself. And that is ones of the most biggest lessons I face deal with and come across is just being quiet about how I feel or what has happened.  Sad Sad Sad. I am at a real cross road in life about many things. Hard but its life I have made it all around me. Decisions about a lot of things I am making. They are hard but it is the best for me.

I think that is the greatest thing about the new year is for some reason when it goes to Jan 1st people are in the midst of change for some reason. I am no different.

Well I have had enough of randome blathering and nut busting. It is what it is. And that is ok.

And for the blog I read about the word of the year its here !!! Love her.

Until next time.

Keep it real.



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2 responses to “come and gone.

  1. sorry about the downs :( but at the end of the day it does not matter. Chin up :)

  2. ErinMarron

    Christmas did fly by this year. It made me sad too cuz I felt like I didnt get a chance to soak up the holidays. Work has kept me busy. Hopefully I will make some time for it next year.

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