my first

There is nothing more prideful that watching Nat playing sports !! She is not really a sporty kind of girl. She only likes swimming. This year has been a real of the box expierience for us. She came home and said she wanted to volleyball and then came home told me she was doing basketball. And that is no joke. Practices and games and serious business. But she hung in there and still kept up her grades. I am just a proud mama. I made her a little book for Christmas but gave it to her last night because I got ansy and couldnt wait. And it was just a recap of the last year. It was nice and emotional just to watch her growing up in pictures. She is changing bit by bit and it is bitter sweet as usual happy because who she is turning into but sad because she is 12 !!!

Basketball what an adventure for her. We yelled and cheered and embarrassed her. OOH well !!!

I love you sis…


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  1. Nat you are so fun! Really have enjoyed the last few times ive been around you! You are so funny and one of a kind! Good job on sports, I wish you the best sweet girl! and your pink hair ROCKS! :) xoxo

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