our tree

A couple weeks ago we went out to get our Christmas Tree. Usually we go up to Chico and cut our tree down but the last two years we have been so busy with life we have had to go to a Christmas Tree lot. So we headed out in search for the pefect tree, we went to a couple different places but ended up at the first place we went. And i of course found the tree. !!! She is a beaty !!! So we went and went shopping and the kids picked out their ornament and we headed home. We spent the whole day decorating the tree singing Christmas carols and being together. I cherish those times alot in my heart. They are funny and watching them how they love eachtother makes me happy.

The last picture was funny. So last night I was doing laundry and Nat walks out dressed up like a elf and Wyatt like Santa…I had to get a picture of course !!

I am finally feeling the relief of life and I am thankful for that…



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2 responses to “our tree

  1. that last pic is def one for the future wedding slide show hahahaha! love love love it! we did easy this year too with the tree lot i felt guilty cuz its fun going and cutting one but last year we cut one up at apple hill and it was so cold and a lot of walking lol! im all about easy and whatever works best for us all at the moment :) love your tree and all the pictures!

  2. ErinMarron

    Love Brandon’s sexual pose!!

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