elmos world..nnanananananna

I have been the worst blogger until this morning when my husband sent me this email that made me cry and reminded me…of who I am !!

I am a mother and a wife. These last months of this house have been a worldwind of business and an emotional ups and downs in my personal life and business life. And that is really hard for me and even more difficult for my loved ones around me that listen to my stniveling. And it is a hard balance for me I wont lie. And probably will be forever. And I try to shrugg off the things and people in my life that affect me but it is really hard. I prey.

Today is the first real day I have some peace of “AAHHHH” if I could put it into words. And I am thankful. So I took a couple pictures of my sugarlumps and her favorite Red Friend..Elmo !! Elmos World consumes are life right now..And Sesame Street ooh lord !! She loves him like no other. The first picture I was like read your book and the second one was I started singing the song Elmos World NANAANANA !! And she is a dancing queen.

She is funny and just herself I would want it any other way..Well sometimes but it is who she is…I must embrace it !!

I think I am going to be on a blogging spree. I have lots to get caught up on !!!



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2 responses to “elmos world..nnanananananna

  1. this post is darling!!! I know what Morgan is getting for x-mas :) something red and loud hahahah! this is so cute and morgie i love your hair and them beautiful eyes! you are a beauty for sure! hehehehe

  2. the heheheh was sup to go after xmas lol it like jumped down when i hit enter xo

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