Today is the 5 year anniversary of my grandmas death. It has been a hard emotional day that started when i opened up facebook today. She has been on my mind alot lately, I knew this day was coming but how can five years of life just pass like this. It is really scary to me. That was a pic of my mom my grandma and my son when he came home from the hospital. I cherish this picture alot. My aunt posted this picture actually and i though how wierd out of the hundreds  to post this one. She is up in heaven with my grandpa !!

I had to run to town and get diapers and I usually ask does anyone want to come and usually they say no. But for some reason my son said i want to come. So we sent out just to go to Walmart and get diapers and then it turned into a day about him. The hardest thing about having my three children is putting in me and them time. or alone time. i try to do it often because i never want them to forget how special and blessed they are to me. Life has been so busy for us lately (the last couple months) and it hard to get this time in because I am beat !! So we went around town and went shopping !! Which Wyatt loves because well he is the most wantingness boy I know !! We went to Walmart the gas station and got candy !! then we went to Toys R Us !! then headed to the mall shopped around there for a while..Wyatt got his first real hat with his name on it ! Pimp Daddy !!! Then headed to Target !! It was a great day ending it with a great dinner and then Wyatt making snickerdoodle !! He just kept on saying Mom this was the best day ever !! I Love You Mom !! and that melts my heart !!



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2 responses to “11/11/11

  1. Sam

    I love this post and the memories u have with your grandma very special! And what a perfect day with your handsome sweet boy. Love u guys have a relaxed weekend xo!

  2. Aw! I love Wyatt! I’m sure you had totally made him feel super special with a day like that! You’re such a good mom!! xoxo

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