I am today where I’m at because of them. And Jesus. Of course.

They keep me grounded and focused and keep my head where it needs to be. Because trully I make descisions about where life is going with our family based on them. Because I cant and wont miss one minute of this crazy ride. And though I get so so busy with working at home they never leave my mind. And I reflect on that quit often. I think that is what keeps me focused. My goals and dreams are big. But  maybe not on a level to anyones business. Because when i think about my achievements in life it isnt about what I did in school or what I am doing in my business. It is about my childrens and their achievements in life. Because that is what makes me. Proudest. The proudest to watch my Natalie dream big and give her that confidence to live big. She makes me so proud. And I tell her. I never want her to never ever hear the words. Because I feel in my heart that is what is right. And I watch her. She has many goals for school and 4-H. and I will do everything in my power to make it happen.

                                                                                                  “Everthing you can imagine is real.” Pable Picasso


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  1. Sam

    Lovely post lovely children lovely mama all so blessed! Xoxo

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