ten on tuesday….

1. When I think about the movie “The Hangover” thats what my weekend was like, but me not consuming alcohol part of it.

2. I take my photography very very serious. I am easily taken offense when other people insult me about my work.

3. I learn to release control of what others say and do because in the end it is not me who is going to judge them, God will.

4. I love my kids. They bring me the most greatest joy. No other person on this earth can do that.

5. I love laughter. It is my medicine. Always.

6. I am thankful for forgiveness. Always.

7. I am thankful for prayer. And all that it intails. Because without it. I dont think I can be where I am right now in my life withouth it.

8. I am a perfectionist. I am so hard on myself about everything. I will never change.

9. The truth shall set you free.

10. I will feel like I have crossed the Mississippii River after next Monday gets here. I will be thankful I made it through.


11. I love this picture. My sweet girl. I loves her. She makes me crazy sometimes. But I coudnt imagine a day or minute without her in my life. Her smile is contageous. Her laugh makes my crazy world disappear. And the most craziest thing about her love is all she wants is my undivided attention. It is a pure as that. And that to me is why I am a mother.


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