happy birthday to my sisterpants…..

happy birthday to my baby sister..erin lee….I love you…I am so very thankful for you in my life. you will just never know how much i love you. very few in my life i share my inner most secrets but you know practically all of them. and you love me just the same. you insire me to be a better person. you inspire me to become a heathier person. you make me dream the impossible. (running that marathon). i love the way you love me kids. like they could be your own. and that makes me happy in my heart. you are beauty. you are laughter.you are fashion. you are caring and nuturing. you remind me alot of dad when it comes to that. you are brave. you are strong. you make me a better person. you listen to my tears and always are the right fighter. you love your family. always. you are a wonderful wife. and a great friend. you are dependable. you are one of the most kindest people i know..and you make this world a better place…I love you.






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3 responses to “happy birthday to my sisterpants…..

  1. ErinMarron

    Aw! This totally made me cry. This is the most sweetest thing anyone has ever said about me. I love you and thank you!!

  2. such a sweet post nicole! you two are blessed to have each other :) xoxo

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