19 months and 10 on tuesday…..


                                                                                                                                               5 days old !!!!

                                                                                                                                             19 moths old !!!


Sister Sledge,

   Thats what I call you sometimes. I love you more than you will ever know or fathom. You are just coming into your own little personality. Your facial expressions are one of a kind. And You will let me know and everyone else know if you are unhappy. You love books (especially this little one nursery rhymes: patty cake and litte pigs. You grab your feet when we do it. Your favorite song is “shake if for me by Luke bryan …you start your jiggen !! i love it. You love to be nakes all the time. And try to rip off you clothes in public sometimes. not so good. You love chicken nuggets but you just love food period. you are an eating girl !! you love to be outside and torment the dog. You love your daddy  more than life. you are a daddys girl for sure. You are beaty, headstrong, funny, smart, and honry. but i love you all the same.

Love your Mommy !!!


10 on Tuesday

1. i love jesus. thankful for his mercy on my life and for giving me strength.

2. Real Housewifes Rock my boat.

3. I love the pumpkin patch and fall is my favorite time of year !!

4. I love a clean house. Everything about it. It sure takes me a while to clean it though.

5. Coming to grips with some things in my life.  Painful . I try to avoid it . But its like it will never go away. So i will deal.

6. Campfires in my backyard with my family are the best thing in my world.

7. I love my husband. He takes my words and tries to change. I am thankful for that. That is what love is.

8. I am work progress. Always will be.

9. I love reading a couple blogs but this one i really love: http://karenrussell.typepad.com/

10. Trying to be better about eating…whatever that may be…..


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