random thoughts on tuesday……..

                                                                                                                                   (excuse the blurryness !!! )

1. My baby turned 12 yesterday and my lover turned 33 on Sunday. We went to the property on his bday with his parents and had a nice peaceful day. We had her party on Saturday and it was nice but I am glad birthdays are over for the year !!

2. I love fall.

3. I love the holidays. Honestly a mixed bag for me because of things that have happened in the past it makes it really hard sometimes but I try my best not to let the stress get to me.

4. Stress with probably kill me off. I try my best to keep it away with staying calm and dont let my thoughts get to me.

5. I love Joyce Meyers and her books. I have read  Never Give Up but I am rereading it again because there is just so much to her books.

6. Trying to stay focused on what is the most important to me. and not get distracted by surroundings.

7. I think its been like three weeks off facebook other than my business one and I feel good. I think all the junk that goes on on there was really dragging me down. I dont need to worry about what others are going on in their life and really dont care. I need to focus on my own life.

8. I feel like God is always testing me. I dont know why but I feel like there is often so many situations that happen that I fail at but i will never give up on myself.

9. i am easily discouraged. ( my photography my esty) im almost ready to throw in the towel

10. i love my family. they are funny !!




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One response to “random thoughts on tuesday……..

  1. I want to do a tues top 10 :) maybe next week! Love Joyce too! I need a new one to read I have read all i have! Maybe we can swap if ya dont have ones I have :) DONT throw in the towel on your passions! It is discouraging at times, but that just means we are working too hard and need a good break :) Ive realized that, you got to keep on trucking on! Too talented to give up my dear :) Love your family too and agree you all are a good laugh! :) Esp dancer girl Morgan! LOVE IT!!!

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