happy birthday sis

My Dearest Natalie,

    Happy 12th Birthday Sis !! Today you are 12 and I cant believe it. It really hit me hard yesterday driving home from camp. I just look at you and have this overwhelming sense of joy and just proud of you. The young lady you have grown up to be. You are beautiful smart whitty funny sensitive caring. As I always tell you the world is your oyster. There is no is your vocabulary. Whatever you set your mind to it will happen as long as you believe. Jesus loves you. When you were born (right now 12 years ago i was pushing you out) I was thinking I will try my best to be the best mom. I will tell you I love you everyday and I will always tell you motivate you and lift you up. And I think I have tried my best the last 12 years to do those things for you to become this young lady that Iam so proud of. You have a place in my heart that nobody has just you. You were the beginning of an unbelievable journey with your dad. You were meant to be exactly how it happened I wouldnt change it or you for the world. I love you sis !! Love Your Mum



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  1. she is so beautiful, and quit the little lady! Happy birthday Natty!

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