In a Blink of an Eye….


You know whats funny about life ?? It changes in a blink of an eye. And the things that you were worrying about. In a blink of any eye something happens and makes you realize what life is all about. My kids make me realize that alot. I take alot of pictures but I can honestly say this will be one that will forever burned in my heart. And when she is grown up I will look at her and this picture will flash in my head of a little girl who ruled my world !! As my oldest child is growing up on my right now I look at her eyes and see a young women growing up !! and it trully emotional on me !!! Because in a blink of an eye she was just a year and half old running around naked with a little dog named “Willow” !!! And now she is running around in this world trying to find her place in this world !!! And I love her and admire her. She changed my world almost 12 years ago. I am thankful for her. Because I was a 21 year old trying to find a place in my world when I stumbled upon a 20 year old boy almost 13 years ago. And my world changed In A blink of an Eye !!!




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2 responses to “In a Blink of an Eye….

  1. You better frame that up on the wall! This post made my heart melt!! :)

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