18 months.

My Dearest Morgan,

     You are a year and a half old. I would say like usual where has the time flown off too ?? You are honry as ever. There are moments that I think can I take this anymore ?? You are one busy little girl there is not a dull moment from the time you wake up to the minute you go to sleep. We call you tornado girl, because if it is out you want to pull it out and make a big mess. You love to helpe , you are the little helper around here from going to get the chicken eggs, you pull them out of the nest box and pick those eggs up and put them in the basket. You love to torment the dog especially pulling on his beard but he still comes back for more. You and Nat are constantly at whits end. She doesnt like you in her room because you like getting into  her stuff. But you love and adore your Daddy and your Bubbys !!! From early ages you and Wyatt have had  this special bond like no other. He is a lover at heart funny and always plays with you the most. You love him so !! And you are definetely a daddys girl !!! You love him to rock you to bed and when he comes home you are so excited. You love his feet !! You like to bite them when he finally sits down to rest in his chair. You love music !! You hear it and your body starts moving like no other. I dont think you are aware of it …because you are playing and then music comes on and then you start moving !! You love books especially animal ones.. You love outside and playing with your fake food. You have these moments of sweetness but for the most you are just tough at heart. Your smile is like no other on this earth. I love you like no other. Even though at times I want to pull out my hair. You are very much like me… And I just dont know if I can hang with that because I was a bad teenager headstrong. and that is what really scares me because I dont want to ever have what me and my mother went through. I hope you always be who you are !! You are beautiful smart whitty loving !! I love you more than life, Your Mommy


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  1. Happy 18 months Morgan Ann! you are beautiful and oh so loved!!!!

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