Our Backyard

Probably like two months ago we ripped up part of our backyard. Not really knowing when it would be completed. The dogs just ruin everything that is in the backyard, and I dont want to kennel them. So two weekends ago we finally got the fence up ( my brother in law) came over and assisted my loves. And that would separtate the dogs from the immediate back yard. Morgan would want to go outside and they were right there up in the business and we just wanted some peace without the dogs in our face. So the fence went up and then on Saturday the sod go laid down. Thank God…So we are 80% done just put the border up and some flowers and trees and I will be in heaven. But Morgan loves it to pieces. Just her little sanctuary to just play with her little house ( 40$ garage sale find) and her food and babies !! I love it !!! Here are some pictures just of her usually what happens in the morning after her breakfast she  likes to go outside. All my kids love to be outside and I dont worry what she is getting into because it is all fenced off I can hear what is going on usually !!!


                                                                                                                                My loves cant wait for the next remodel !!!



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2 responses to “Our Backyard

  1. redo’s are refreshing! :) ask Brandon when are we invited over for a BBQ :) xoxo

  2. We need a find like this for Ava! Those little houses are pricey! :) glad to hear you are clearing out the clutter that life somehow always mananges to keep piling on :)

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