We went to the propery yesterday. I love going there and my kids especially love it. Ever since we got a wood burning stove my love is obsessed with getting fired wood. Its not a bad thing but we will definetely have enough fire wood for winter. Here are a couple pictures from the day:

                                                   When we go up there the kids like to dismember things and make their own little spots.

We headed home later in the afternoon and we usually always go the same way. And we always pass this flag and everytime I say to myself I need to take a picture of the flag with the sun and just it blowing is beautiful. Well yesterday I thought the day was appropriate for it so I made my love pull back around and I got a couple of shots of it.

And yesterday I thought about my life what happened 10 years ago that day. I had woke up in my house in Sutter my love was getting for work (Pepsi) my daughter almost 2 and I walked into the livingroom and saw on tv something I will never forget. That day forever changed our lives no matter if you knew them or not. Because at that moment I knew our lifes as we knew it would never be the same. And that is a scary thing especially raising children.

And yesterday was my nephews 1st birthday. A hard day because his father my brother are estranged. But I love Roland Vaughn Todd. And maybe a year from now our lifes will be different who knows.

And then i came home to a messy house and cleaned some. My Nat had picked acorns and blackberries from the property and wanted to make something so we made some acorn pancakes with blackberry jam on top. My Nat she is a thrifty one and definetely could live off the land. Love her. And actually they were good !!!

Heres to Mondays !! Gotta love them !!!


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  1. FUN! and yummy :) I cant believe its been 10 years since 9/11 I was in high school still! Our country is strong!!! XOXO & happy birthday to your darling nephew!

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