my little girl.

    Well we are in the third week of school. We have made it alive. Thank God. But last week for some reason was a rocky one. I was an emotional ball all week. Just I get glimpes of my Nat growing up and it scares me to death. Almost to death really. There are things that dont even faze me but other things just hit me like a ton of bricks.

   She came home to tell me last week she was joining the volleyball team. I was in shock !!! to say the least ..if you know my Nat well she is not the most sporty type. But I am excited for her though. I want her to try new things. I thinks sports is an awesome life filler !!

  I am proud of her. I always tell her that. I am of just herself. Her being who she is and never sacrificing that. I hope and prey she always is like that. Because in this crazy world life is rough and there is a haugh paugh of different life and mesh together. And everyday I prey Bran and I are doing the right thing how we are raising our kids. There is no manual no guide. And it scares me to my core. And almost everyday I am on a reevaluation of my life of who I am. Because in the end Who I Am is what they see. What they know. And it is a scrary thing. I just hope and prey to the man above please God Help Me to conquer the bad in my life the negative and overcome it all.

To us Good Luck on the 6th Grade Volleyball Team !!!

To new journeys !!!




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2 responses to “my little girl.

  1. love this post! not not natty, you are growing up, this is fantastic! You will love Volleyball! I started in the 6th grade too & loved it! Proud and happy for you! Nicole these milestones can get to us momma’s! Its tough but at least she is wanting to do things, and is a good kid :) chin up you will be the loudest cheerleader in the stands :) let us know when the first game is!!!

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