WhiteTrash Garage Saling

Once a year Rocklin has a big garage sale with over like 150 garage sales in an area and it was this past Saturday. And just me and my little family went and got the bomb deals… I got stuff for my photography the kids got books morgan scored with her playhouse and shopping cart and brandon well that boat !! The funniest thing was this lady walked up to me and said is that your truck im like yeah she was like i want to take a picture of it and post it saying that is real garage salers !! i was like no that is a picture of total white trash !! But we had fun….and then we went home and watched the kids play in the playhouse !!!


On a side note the weekend before after my living room being tore apart for like a month of nothing on the wall we finally repainted our livingroom after 6 years  !!! Put up different picutures and changed it up a little.. I was so happy about that it just feels so clean when you paint. I ordered some new big family picures and they are going up and I am redoing my house basically it needs to be deeped cleaned purged and just changed up ….Out with the old in with the new !!!



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  1. This is funny! WT!!! HAHAHAHA well at least you found good deals :) this is my dad and grandma every weekend they load down too. Love the play house. It looks like the one Grams had. too cute! & ask Brandon when he is going to take me fishing :) & YEAH to redo living room. Your new pictures will look AMAZING in there! xoxo

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