i am proud of my garden this year. i worked on it very hard and i wanted tomatoes to last me all year long and i think it might happen. wyatt has been picking them for me but it is hard when there is so many plants to look through so me and brandon went out there last week…and got 38 POUNDS of TOMATOES !!! we kept on picking i was tired. but it reminds me of when you are kid and looking for easter eggs…so i felt like a kid again they like to hide inside where its dark. So some of them got canned but the rest have been frozen to have fresh garden tomaotes for our family. I put it in our chili !!! it is the best. We have froze our corn and we have so many sunflowers we are going to harvest them and probably the childrens will make homemade sunflowers seeds !!! We also planted pumpkins we might just make it to Halloween !! dont know yet !! but i love growing my own food i feel like a sense of accomplishement like hey i did that. We watched the documentary called FOOD is crazy when you think about where your food comes from and what happens to it..It is scary !! Then Brandon says are you going tree hugger on me more than you already are ?? Who knows the dreams of a farm might come true.. !!! Until then …..


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