10 on Tuesday…..

1. Second day of school and it is going smoothly. Kids are up, they are happy and we are to school early.

2. My house is a full time job keeping up with Tornado Morgan is a full time job in itself.

3. I am ready for fall, the pumpkin patch !! and

4. My garden is growing like a weed. There is nothing like eating your own food you have grown.

5. Taking pictures is a stress relief for me.

6.Dedicating myself to getting all my picture stuff organized and done.

7. Life is a new direction for me. I realize that whatever happens is going to happen. I have control over so much and to purge things that bring me down.

8. My children keep my laughing grounded and keep me a better person they are my reminders of life and what is important.

9. Back to driving but really back to my KLove Radio !!

10. Watched Something Barrowed last night. I loved it !!!

and i am adding one !!! loves this picure. it just eludes to sexiness and love. it is my sister and my brother in law. i am thankful for both of them in my life and my kids life. they are two lovely people !!!




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2 responses to “10 on Tuesday…..

  1. :) Lovely post :) love Erins Pictures! I cant wait for Fall too! :) Morgan Ann Prather you are TOOOO CUTE!!!! XOXO

  2. ErinMarron

    aw sister, you are too sweet! I am thankful for you and your lovely family too!! :)

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